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Queen Regent Long Necklace

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Feast your eyes on the LOUIS LOUIS Collection. Echoing the inspiration of my muse, King Louis X1V, the "Inventor of French High Jewelry", who transformed Versailles into a sparking dazzling theater.
LOUIS LOUIS confronts masculinity and femineity and displays a subtle

representation of the French Royal Louis Period blended with todays casual, contemporary, everyday vibe. 

Medallion are made in France and are direct replicas of coins past.  The Queen Regent Cross Necklaces showcases the Maltese Cross, a significant emblem the Royal Queen wore on her crowns and men in military uniform.  

Round 8mm labradorite stones
36 inches long plus 3 inch diameter pendant
White Swarovski Crystal
Pendant measures 60mm

Made in our Toronto, Canada studio with love xx